Bus News

Sept 23 Temporary Schedule Changes

Due to staffing limitations, GGFT has had to implement some temporary schedules reduction.  Follow the links below to see current schedules for individual GGFT Routes

GGFT Rte 2 Sept 23 Temp Sched

GGFT Rte 4 Sept 23 temp sched

GGFT Rte 5 Sept 23 Temp Sched

GGFT Rte 7 Sept 23 Sched

GGFT Rte 11-12 Sept 23 Temp Sched

GGFT Rte 19 Sept 23 Temp Sched

GGFT Saturday Temp Schedules Sept 23

GGFT regrets any inconveniences caused by these reductions and will restore full schedules as soon as possible

Check out our digital pass program!

Greater Glens Falls Transit has a new mobile electronic fare payment platform (powered by Token Transit) to simplify transit pass access for riders!  Riders will be able to purchase their bus fare online using their debt/credit card. Download Token Transit to your phone and ride today!

Pricing for Token Transit Passes- all unlimited for the timeframe.

  • $3.00        1-Day Pass (24 Hours) valid for 24 hours after first use/validation
  • $9.00       3-Day Pass (72 Hours) valid for 72 hours after first use/validation
  • $15.00        7-Day Pass (168 Hours) valid for 168 hours after first use/validation

Link for Purchases:




GGFT’s 1/2 Fare ID Card System Available for Riders with Disabilities


GGFT half fare application form

GGFT is implementing its own ½ fare ID card system for
eligible riders. Beginning on February 2, 2015 eligibility for
½ fare payment on all GGFT buses will be limited to the
following riders:

  1. Persons 60+ years of age (may be required to
    show proof of age)
  2. Persons Medicare eligible and who can present
    their valid Medicare card to the driver.
  3. Persons who can present a valid GGFT 1/2 fare ID card that was issued to them.

GGFT will issue ½ Fare ID cards to eligible riders whose
doctor, or other related health care professional, submits a
completed verification form for them to GGFT. Copies of the
½ Fare ID application/verification form are now available
on GGFT buses, on its website (www.agftc.org) and at
Glens Falls City Hall.

Beginning 2/2/15, ½ Fare eligible riders will be required to
have their ID with them and present it each time they board a
GGFT bus. This will apply to both cash and pass/token riders.
For more information please call 792-1085