Frequently Asked Questions

Fare Information

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What are tokens and passes?

Multi-ride passes may be purchased for your convenience at Glens Falls City Hall or by contacting the GGFT office. Single ride tokens can be purchased by businesses and agencies for their customers and clients.

What is a transfer?

If your trip with GGFT requires that you take two consecutive buses, you may purchase a reduced price transfer. Please notify the driver upon boarding that you need to transfer at Ridge St. Terminal. The driver will charge you the additional amount and give you a transfer slip that must be handed to the next driver. Transfers must be used on the next available connecting bus.

Route Information

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Schedule Information

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What do I do if I need help with a schedule?
Feel free to ask the driver questions about your trip when you are boarding the bus. Please do not distract the driver while the bus is in motion. If you need help in advance, pleaase call our office at 792-1085 M-F 8:30-4:30.

General Information

How do I catch the bus?

Streets: Wait at the bus stop sign or a corner, signal to driver by waving your arm. Highway: Stand where you can be seen in time for a safe stop on the correct side of the road. Signal the driver by waving your arm.

How do I get off of the bus?

Pull the signal cord approximately on block (500 ft.) before your requested stop. After the bus comes to a complete stop, depart carefully. DO NOT STEP IN FRONT OF THE BUS AFTER EXITING.

What are the rules of the bus?

Eating, drinking, smoking, and pets are prohibited on the bus. All passengers are expected to respect the rights, hygiene, and safety of other passengers and the driver at all times.

How do I catch a trolley?

GGFT operates trolley service to and from the Lake George area during the summer season. Trolley schedules are available by clicking on the trolley route on the system schedule map. No transfers are accepted between trolleys and year-round route services.

Are the buses handicap accessible?

All GGFT buses and trolleys are wheelchair accessible.

Do the buses have bike racks?

All GGFT year-round, fixed route buses are equipped with 2 station bike racks. Use of the bike racks is on a first-come, first serve basis. Trolleys are not able to be equipped with bike racks.